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Instructor: Duncan McKenna     

Class Limit: 6


The Golden Boot course is designed to develop Goal Scorer's abilities and mentality. The course consists of 8 sessions structured to improve every aspect of scoring Goals. Every session maintains certain objectives to ultimately create Goal Scoring Machines.

Schedule: 6-9yr; 10+yr

                  MON: Kap Park             TUE: Hunakai               WED: Hunakai                  THU: Hunakai                     FRI: Hunakai                 SAT: Kap Park


3:30-4:20   Technique (6-9yr)        Technique (10+yr)        Marksman  (6-9yr)            Tool Kit          (10+yr)         Technique   (6-9yr)         Aerial War    (10+yr)   

4:30-5:20   Dribbler    (6-9yr)        Dribbler     (10+yr)        Poaching    (6-9yr)           Marksman     (10+yr)          Physical       (6-9yr)         Poaching      (10+yr)

5:30-6:20   Tool Kit     (6-9yr)         Tool Kit      (10+yr)       Aerial War  (6-9yr)            Quick Hitter  (10+yr)         Quick Hitter (6-9yr)        Quick Hitter  (10+yr)


Instructor: Josh Fouts

Class Limit: 6


Big saves are part of the Keeper position.

The Shot Stopper course will focus on all aspects of shot stoping. The course will cover the different Dives: Collapse, Extensions, Forward, Power, etc.

Footwork for Quickness and Agility. Pressure Training, Powersteps, Soft Hands.

  • Shot Stopper I: Low, High, Wide

  • Shot Stopper II: Close, 1v1

Schedule: 6-9yr; 10+yr

                   MON:                 Kap Park                     FRI:                      Hunakai

4:30-5:20    Shot Stopper I   (10+yr)                    Shot Stopper I    (6-9yr)

5:30-6:20    Shot Stopper II  (10+yr)                    Shot Stopper II   (6-9yr) 


Instructor: Chris Cleveland, Alec Dinsmore

Class Limit (6-9): 6;     Class Limit (10+): 4


The Fab-5 course will focus on 5 essential attacking moves to beat defenders in 1v1 situations.

Each class will go in depth focusing on just a single move. Technique development, usage Awareness, and Confidence in destroying defenders. This course is designed for the Players on their squad that have the responsibility of scoring the goals.

Schedule: 6-9yr; 10+ yr

                    MON:        Kap Park       TUE:            Hunakai        WED:        Hunakai        THU:          Hunakai       FRI:            Hunakai

2:30-3:20    Feint          (10+yr)       Feint           (6-9yr)        Scissors    (10+yr)        Scissors    (6-9yr)        Mathews   (10+yr)

3:30-4:20    Fake          (10+yr)        Fake           (6-9yr)        Feint         (10+yr)        Feint         (6-9yr)        Scissors    (10+yr)

4:30-5:20    Croquetta (10+yr)       Croquetta  (6-9yr)        Fake          (10+yr)        Fake          (6-9yr)       Feint         (10+yr)

5:30-6:20    Mathews   (10+yr)       Mathews    (6-9yr)        Croquetta (10+yr)        Croquetta (6-9yr)       Fake         (10+yr)


Instructor: Karli Look, Alec Dinsmore

Class Limit: 6


Soccer is a game played with your feet. The Fast & Furious course has one singular focus: developing wicked fast feet that will infuriate opponents. The class combines fast footwork, plyometrics, and quickness training both with and without a ball to create players who possess extreme quickness with their feet.

  • Fast & Furious I: Footwork. Lots of it. Sweat. Lots of it.

  • Fast & Furious II: Includes Footwork I with ladders, rings, jumps. Lots of it. 

  • Fast & Furious III: Combination of I & II plus, resistance bands, weights. More sweat. Lots of it.

Schedule: 6-9yr; 10+ yr

                    MON:    Kap Park          TUE:       Hunakai             WED:     Hunakai            THU:           Hunakai       FRI:            Hunakai

3:00-3:50    F&F I      (6-9yr)           F&F II     (10+yr)            F&F III    (6-9yr)            F&F II         (10+yr)     F&F III        (6-9yr)

4:00-4:50    F&F I      (10+yr)          F&F III    (10+yr)            F&F III    (6-9yr)           F&F II         (6-9yr)       F&F III        (10+yr)

5:00-5:50    F&F II     (6-9yr)           F&F III    (6-9yr)              F&F III   (10+yr           F&F II         (10+yr)      F&F III        (10+yr)  


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