Developing Players with Skill & Character

It is our mission to foster an atmosphere of excellence in sport and life through our dedication to the Education, Development, and Enrichment of our participating athletes.


Producing Academic Success Combined with Athleticism.
We will partner with parents and schools to monitor attendance, grades, and uphold the academic standards of excellence for our players. Futbol Club of Hawaii’s dedicated staff consists of qualified coaches who understand the process of assisting student athletes as they advance their level of play to high school, college, and beyond. We help raise the awareness and consciousness that education and athleticism play an integral role for measuring success.
educationTracking    educationTracking


Futbol Club of Hawaii Ensures Player Development Through Goal Setting.
Futbol Club of Hawaii maintains a Progressive Player Development Curriculum which includes Player standards, goals, and expectations detailed and directed through the Futbol Club of Hawaii Coaches’ Manual. Each athlete learns about self-determining a set of benchmarks and milestones to be cognizant of positive reinforcement by watching themselves achieve their goals. Players are evaluated annually by coaching staff on their technical, tactical, teamwork, sportsmanship and physical development. Players are benchmarked using our own Futbol Club of Hawaii Skill Cards. Each Skill Card is awarded and tracked for player engagement. These Skill Card milestones of individual performance turn into collector cards for the players who are awarded them.


On and Off the Field, Futbol Club of Hawaii Raises the Bar.
To maintain optimal performance on the field for our players and coaches, Futbol Club of Hawaii is a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance. We partner with Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine to provide training, nutritional guidance, and physical fitness for our athletes. Our coaching staff maintains certifications in concussion, heat-illness training, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Off the field our student athletes are required to participate in social and volunteer community events. We believe our community is an important part of our shared responsibility. Enrichment opportunities are embraced by mindfulness and cooperation.

We are proud of our accomplished coaching staff that offers knowledge & training to your student athlete.

FC Hawaii prides itself on holding high standards when it comes to player, coach, and parent sportsmanship.