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Developing Players with Skill & Character, since 2014


FC Hawaii is the Oahu League 2020,2021 All Club Champion

Highest scored Club across ALL age groups

Oahu League has crowned FC HAWAII as the ALL Club Champion for 2020-21. Every club in the league is scored across all age Groups and Divisions based on 10 points for 1st place, 5 points for 2nd, and 3 points for 3rd.  These rankings are then weighted by number of teams that club enters.

Congratulations to all the teams that took home silverware!


US Club Soccer Selects FC Hawaii for National P1

FC Hawaii has been nationally recognized by US Club Soccer for raising the standards of youth soccer. 

We continue to cultivate the safest and most rewarding playing environment for youth athletes.


Indoor Training Facility

We are excited to open our NEW Indoor Training Facility.

Fastest Turf Field

the FARM, Strength & Conditioning Center

8,000 sf for the betterment of our Student Athletes.

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